The Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation, primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment


A superb range of quality pumps to get the job done – big or small.

Portable Pumps to Trash Pumps designed for a variety of uses. Lightweight and high pressure performance pumps, popular uses gardening, irrigation, dust suppression. High flow rate pumps are able to deal with large volumes of water with solids up to 6mm quickly without clogging or causing damage. Trash pumps can be used to drain water containing solids up to 31mm.


The right generator for the job.

From campsite to building site C.I.G. Ltd have a range of suitable Honda generators. Portable, lightweight, super-quiet, to high performance endurance generators. Robust, reliable, requiring minimal maintenance, for commercial and industrial use. Manoeuvrable, high-tech generators with Honda pioneering technology, providing clean, stable and economical electricity and are just what you need in an increasingly mobile and electric-powered world.

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